Angel Locsin was the Sexiest Teen Filipina in last month's poll. She got 40% of votes not far with Valerie "Bangs" Garcia who got 37% of votes.

Who is the sexiest teen filipina actress this month?

Hot Teen Sexy Filipina Babe Jamilla Obispo


This Sexy Pinay Teen Actress is jamilla Natalie Obispo. She was once been inside Pinoy Big Brother Teem edition house of ABS-CBN's reality tv show. Jamilla came back as the cover girl of FHM May 2007 wearing two piece bikini and one piece swimsuits. She is not ashamed to say that she was just a 17 year old Nursing student when she got impregnated by her boyfriend of 4 years. And she is also not hiding the fact that she worked as a model and GRO in a girly bar. Because for Jamilla every person has a chance for a new beginning and she believes her time for a new life is now.


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Nampucha naman, Bangs Garcia and Jamilla Obispo - HANDS DOWN!!! Mga tunay na lalaki tanungin, all the rest in the field nakakasawa na...

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