Angel Locsin was the Sexiest Teen Filipina in last month's poll. She got 40% of votes not far with Valerie "Bangs" Garcia who got 37% of votes.

Who is the sexiest teen filipina actress this month?

Grrr! Hot Pinay Iwa Moto

While in the StarStruck, she was linked to other alumnus of the reality show like Chuck Allie, Benj Pacia, Gian Carlos and Marky Cielo.
In early 2007, Katya Santos named her as the "Worst Actress" with Mark Herras as the "Worst Actor" but Iwa chooses to be quiet about the issue.
She was the ex-girlfriend of Yexel Sebastian. Yexel Sebastain was also the ex-boyfriend of Rochelle Pangilinan that according from rumors, was the cause of the fight of Iwa and Rochelle, but after her break-up with Yexel, they are already friends.
After her break-up with Yexel, Iwa said that she is not yet ready for a new relationship and she wants to focus on her career.
Lately, Yexel Sebastian was involved in a pyramiding scam and she spoked about it, she says Yexel approached her to join there but she refused it because it will just cause a problem.
In 2006, Iwa was voted as the sixteenth sexiest in the FHM Philippines. In 2007, she entered the top ten at number ten sexiest in the FHM Philippines.
In her 19th birthday, she wished to see her Japanese father. She also have a dream house and it will be nearly finish