Angel Locsin was the Sexiest Teen Filipina in last month's poll. She got 40% of votes not far with Valerie "Bangs" Garcia who got 37% of votes.

Who is the sexiest teen filipina actress this month?

Rhian Ramos

The "McJelly Trio Girl" made her big television debut as Leah, Captain Barbell's love interest. Not only did she capture the hero's heart, she captivated viewers everywhere who fell for her innate talent and natural beauty.
Name: Rhian Ramos
Nickname: Rhy/Ryan/Dennis
Birthday: October 03, 1990
Birth Place: Philippines
Showbiz Anniversary: 2006
Full Name: Rhian Denise Ramos
Adjectives that best describe you: Complex, persevering, genuine, passionate, obsessive-compulsive, chirpy
Fears: Bubblegum (hahaha) failing…
Pet Peeves: Bubblegum, ampalaya, unflushed toilets
Fashion: I have none. No basis for what clothes to buy
Fashion icon: None Unforgettable childhood
memory: Sitting at the side of a tennis court as a child and getting hit by the ball… ouch!
Most treasured item: Myself… I don’t put that at risk
Goals: To get through whatever challenges come my way
Role Model: All those that I see persevere no matter what
Hobbies: Sleeping, eating, watching movies
Sports: None, my coordination is awful
Pets: My Doberman, Claw
Actors/Actressesforeign: Tom Hanks
Movie: Peter Pan, Gladiator, Spider Man 1
TV Show: Captain Barbell
Singer/Band: Up Dharma Down, Radioactive Sago Project, Urbandub Music: Rock, chill out
Song: "Total Eclipse of the Heart "
Book: The Hungry Caterpillar

info from iGMA.tv